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What is Career Counselling?
Career counseling is defined as the guidance provided by professional individuals who access the intelligence, personality and interest of the individual to identify the career in which the individual will succeed.

Best Career Counsellor in Mumbai

It is similar and follows the same path as other counseling the only difference is that it centralizes its attention on the planning and deciding of occupation and education.

People know what they want from the counseling process but they cannot work it on their own hence here comes the role of professional career counseling.

In today’s world where time is money being in the wrong job or career may drag your success behind by many years. If you are happy and satisfied with your current job well and fine but if not then guidance by a counselor may place you in a much better place than you were in.

Why is it needed?
To people it may seem that what is the need of career counseling? Let me put some insight on it then:

1.For Adolescents:
For children after their schooling they need to decide what they want to pursue in life. But with parental influence, peer pressure and society trends the children often end up selecting their parents or peers choice. This in turn leads to poor job satisfaction and lack of success in life. At that crucial phase if the intervention of a career counselor is taken the child lands up in the field of his choice and thus is more satisfied and happy career wise.

2.For Adults:
The older age group often misses the charm in their present jobs. There is lots of stagnation noticed. A career counselor may help them search better job prospects as they are usually studded with many potential job opportunities. They may guide to seek a job, advance in a job and if required to quit the job for better prospects. Job satisfaction should be achieved to succeed.

3.For the older age group:
A counselor may help the older people as well to suggest jobs that might suit their age group. They may also find something of their interest to keep their vocational needs going.

4.Recent survey also suggests that adults need career counseling more often than they realize. In today’s world the attitude of people has changed completely. They view it as expression of person himself, it helps in budding their self esteem and growing ahead in life.

5.With urbanization and advent of several occupations and educational opportunities people have many options rather than joining their parental occupation.

Career counseling process:
There are many theories which explain the importance and advantages of career counseling. Most of them state that it is an orderly process in which the counselor bonds with the client to help through his career and educational needs. A counselor helps in unveiling the client’s abilities, intelligence, aptitude, personality traits, their field of interest and values.

Counselors use various aptitude tests or career test for the same. Based on the results of this test a list of recommended jobs is suggested.

After assessing all this they suggest the viable options of career or education.

The process continues with regular follow ups as well by updating the client with new markets and upcoming opportunities. It is an ongoing process as aid may be required at any stage of career development or career change.

Thus this was in brief about career counseling.

Article by Dr.Ankita Thakker

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