Careers In Counselling

Written By Latika Bhojwani

With the help of counseling, the clients regain an independent identity of their own and they are able to take decisions without the help or assistance of anyone. Counseling creates a feel of self-awareness inside the client.

A counselor can practice individually or under any agency whether private or public. Thereafter he comes across different of clients who belong to different type of background with different issues. With due respect to that, different types of practices and careers are possible in Counseling.

Careers in Counseling 1. Addiction Counseling Many people in the society suffer from substance addiction issues such as addiction to vices such as gambling, alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc. Role of counselors is to identify root cause of addiction and help the client to lead an independent, secure and healthy life. Such Counselors work with Residential treatment centers, detoxification centers, group homes, over-night shelters, outpatient centers, schools or community-based agencies, social service agencies, government agencies, family therapy centers, healthcare or rehabilitation facilities, hospitals or take up private practice.

2. Career Counseling Many clients need assistance and guidance regarding employment issues and higher education decisions. Due to that they consult career counselors who identify their interest, arrange for a personality test, psychometric test, aptitude test, etc. a thorough analysis of the test gives them an idea regarding the field where the client has scope and can take it as a career for his better future. Such type of Counselors work with Government agencies, private employment service agencies, schools, colleges, universities, community-based agencies, human resources departments, EAP(Employee Assistance Program), Career Management Organizations or open up their own consulting firm.

3. Family and Marriage Counseling Many people today experience problems in dealing with personal relations such as divorce, parenting issues, issues with relatives, etc. Role of counselor is to enhance a healthy relation between his client and their dear ones. Generally they undertake group therapies, where the counselor tries to understand the perspective of every individual involved in the relationship. Such type of counselors work with Government agencies, social service agencies, community based organizations or take up private practice.

4. Genetic Counseling Clients who are actually planning for family or expecting baby consult genetic counselors. Their major issues are hereditary health problems effect on their baby, or some need complete health guidance and support during pregnancy. Such type of Counselors work with major medical centers, hospitals, research oriented special clinics and universities.

5. Rehabilitation Counseling Many people with physical and mental disabilities and taken care at rehab centers where complete care and assistance is provided to them. Also people with substance addictive issues are also taken care at rehab centers. Role of rehabilitation counselors is to provide complete emotional support to the clients so that they give up their inferiority complex, their fears for a better and new life.

These are few of the commonly practiced careers in Counseling.

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