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Best Career Counsellor in Mumbai - Mr.Savio DSilva

Career Counselling by India's Best Counsellor & Psychotherapist.
Duration of the Service is 3 Hours (by prior appointment only)
Aptitude Tests include 10 pages of tests including the MBTI Test.
Identify your top career choices in just a few days.
Counselling conducted exclusively by Savio DSilva.
Highest ranked Career Counsellor in Mumbai for 5 years.
5 Pages of Reports covering 10 top career choices.
5 Pages Personality Profile including MBTI top 10 career choices.
Enoma provides personalized and quality career counselling only.
Report issued on test, analysis & counselling completion.
Appointments must be booked in Advance. Register Today.

Enoma's Career Counsellor in Mumbai

The only career counsellor in Mumbai that uses 3 different tests.
Your aptitude test results will be almost 100% accurate.
The only report that tells you 20 career choices for you.
The career counselling centre managed by a trained Psychotherapist.
Savio DSilva uses his own aptitude test along with the MBTI.
SDC Enoma offers free email support after counselling up to 3 times.
The only career counsellors in India that function the entire year.
SDC Enoma has no hidden charges in the fees.
SDC Enoma is accessible from any part of Mumbai.

Savio DSilva is Mumbai's Number 1 Career Counsellor

Savio DSilva personally conducts the counselling session.
Savio DSilva believes in getting results, not in wasting time & energy.
Savio DSilva is more qualified & experienced than other counselors in India.
Savio DSilva is rated Mumbai's Best Career Counsellor & Therapist.
Savio DSilva conducts the session in a private & personalized space.
Savio DSilva has counseled pupils from over 20 countries.
Savio DSilva personally evaluates and prepares the report.
Savio DSilva does not hire any other counselor to conduct this service.
Savio DSilva does not waste money on Advertising or Paid Publicity.
Savio DSilva has personally coached & counselled over 10,000 people.
Savio DSilva's ebooks are downloaded by 1000 people each month.
Savio DSilva is a qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Soft Skills Expert.
Savio DSilva is the only counsellor in India who has written 28 audio books.
Savio DSilva has been featured on top TV channels, Radio & the Web.
Savio DSilva has received over 50 press clippings since 1999.
Savio DSilva uses innovative counselling methods that get results.
Savio DSilva can be emailed up to 3 times for more details.
Savio DSilva remembers the name of every pupil he counsels.
Read the complete profile of Savio DSilva.

What YOU say after reading Enoma's Report

This is the BEST thing I have done in my life.
This is the BEST investment I have ever made.
Savio DSilva is the best career counsellor in the world.
This counselling has changed my life for the better.
This counselling service is worth every rupee spent on it.
I wish I had done this earlier in my life.
I got exactly what I wanted from this service.
Thank you Savio Sir for what you have done for me.

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Book your appointment over the phone for the test.
Come in to give the tests on the time of the appointment.
Pay the fees along with your passport photo & ID proof.
Fees may be paid by Demand Draft or Cash only.
Congrats! You are Registered for the Service thereafter.

Reach Enoma for Career Counselling in Mumbai

Enoma is located very close to Andheri West Station.
Reachable by Car, Train, Bus, Bicycle & your own two feet.

Enoma's Career Counselling Service Fees include

Career Counselling Fees of Rs.2500.
Aptitude & MBTI Test Fees of Rs.1500.
Report Preparation Fees of Rs.500.
Registration Fees of Rs.300

Fees for Enoma's Career Counselling Service

The cost of a Blackberry Phone is Rs.15,000.
The cost of a Desktop PC or Laptop is Rs.15,000.
Cost of Enoma's Career Counselling Service is Rs.4800 4000.

Choosing the Wrong Career Can Prove Costly!
Come to an Experienced Counsellor!

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